Jewish Trips Around The World!

This university break, enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, Jewish style! From the beaches of Israel to the mountain tops of Utah, we have something for everyone. Plus we are hooking up Wash U kids with the internships of their dreams in NYC and Israel. And all at an unbelievable price, check it out!


Jewish Leaders Fellowship

This semester get ready to be a leader! In the Jewish Leaders Fellowship we will be hearing from the top Jewish leaders in their fields about how Judaism helps us reach success, achieve happiness, and bring out our inner potential for greatness. Come check out this dynamic semester long program!


JMed Scholars Program

So, you want to be a doctor one day? Then this program is for you! We will be interacting with some of St. Louis’s finest Jewish MD’s, getting an inside glimpse of the real ethical and personal issues that doctors face in practice. This is an amazing opportunity to meet other Jewish pre-meds and discover how Judaism has helped amazing physicians rise to the top and maintain the high standards that medicine demands.


Social Life

Come for a Shabbos meal! Shabbos is a day of rest, an island of time to really sit back and treasure the world around us. Cyber connections become real people, text messages fade away into genuine conversation, and the beauty of the Shabbos experience is here for us to enjoy!

Connect with your Jewish peers at the JLE. Whether it is challah baking, a holiday event, or a fraternity relationships class, we have something for everyone!

Join Us

Meet Some Of Our Students...

Andrew Giles

The weekly classes with JLE have forced me to think differently about many of the issues I encounter in my daily life. I have developed a new-found appreciation for many aspects of life and have learned how my Jewish obligation plays into those aspects. Classes are fun and engaging and provide for a comfortable environment where anyone can speak his mind freely. Rabbi Lazarus fosters a healthy discussion and genuinely enjoys hearing and entertaining diverse viewpoints

Andrew Giles - 2016


“Being a part of the JLE/JLF has been truly a unique experience. Through the JLE/JLF, I have learned to think differently about everything on a day-to-day basis. I have not only had the opportunity to learn about Judaism, leadership, and life from many different perspectives, but also to develop relationships with people on WashU’s campus as well as in the St. Louis community.”

Michelle Shtivelberg - 2016

Nicole - Jews Wash U

Rabbi Lazarus and his wife, Trudy, are two of the most warm and encouraging people I’ve met on campus. Regardless of your level Jewish education (or lack thereof in my case), you will learn something new or gain new perspective on Judaism through the JLE programs.

Nicole Applebaum - 2014

aron soleima crop

The JMed Scholars program taught me how my religious observance and my future medical career can cultivate and enhance one another. Learning from leading Jewish doctors and scientists was an amazing and exciting opportunity

Aron Soleiman - 2014

Meet The Team

Rabbi Doron Lazerus

Rabbi Doron Lazarus


Rabbi Lazarus was born and raised in San Diego, CA. From an early age, he was brought into to world of medicine, performing Geriatric rounds with his father, Dr. Leonard Lazarus, a highly respected internist in Southern California. Rabbi Lazarus attended UCLA, and graduated with a BSc in Psychobiology. He went onto further his Jewish education in Israel, culminating in his Rabbinic Ordination after 8 years of study from the Head of the Supreme Rabbinical Court in Jerusalem. Rabbi Lazarus has lectured on a variety of Jewish topics around the world, with an emphasis on Jewish Medical Ethics. He is currently working to publish his first book, “Jewish Medical Ethics, Revealed”, creating and interactive medium for in depth Jewish study. When not engaged in his professional pursuits, he enjoys skiing and mountain biking.


Trudy Lazarus

Director of Woman’s Programming 

Trudy hails from just outside London, England. She attended Salford University in Manchester, where she graduated with Bsc Honors in Sports Rehabilition, enabling athletes to reach their prime and quickly overcome injury. She went on to pursue her Jewish studies after graduation in Jerusalem, at Shearim College for Jewish Woman, where she excelled at the Leadership Division. Trudy was the National Follow-up Director for Meor, a college based Jewish outreach program, catering to IV League Jewish students. In 2010, Trudy went back to school to achieve her Masters in Speech and Language Pathology where she just graduated Valedictorian from the University of Cincinnati.

Have You Gone

That’s right, Book A Rabbi (B.A.R.)! We would love to sit down and discuss anything on your mind: controversial questions, life issues… and don’t worry, coffee’s on us!


About JLE

The Jewish Learning Experience (JLE) is a campus-based organization dedicated to extending Jewish learning opportunities to the broadest spectrum of Jewish students studying at Washington University, UMSL, SLU, and beyond! Through timely classes, lively discussions, phenomenal trips and other programming, our goal is to inspire a life-long love of Jewish learning and living. Further, we encourage the development of a vibrant, tolerant campus community in which every Jew is welcomed and valued.